Latest lawsuit over berries linked to Hepatitis A filed in San Diego

San Diego woman has had to miss work for a month

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 spoke with a San Diego woman who filed the latest lawsuit after getting hepatitis A from eating Townsend Farms Frozen Berries she bought at Costco.

The lawsuit was filed against Townsend Farms and Costco Wholesale Corporation in the Superior Court of San Diego County, on behalf of 58-year old El Cajon resident Cathy Wilson.

"I'm very fatigued. I basically don't leave my house," said Wilson.

Wilson said she ate the berries four times a week and bought the berries at the Costco in La Mesa.

"They tell you this story that it's this family farm and organic business," said Wilson.

An attorney for Townsend Family Farms said pomegranate seeds from turkey could be to blame.

Wilson said she's tired all the time, shaky and hasn't been able to work for a month.

She's also the caregiver for her mother, who has Alzheimer's disease and hasn't been able to see her. At first, Wilson said she didn't want to get her mother sick and now she is still too weak to drive that far.

"She keeps asking why I'm not seeing her," said Wilson.

It's the second case her attorneys at Gomez Iagmin in San Diego have filed against the companies and they believe victims will continue to come forward.

"The hepatitis A virus can live in the frozen berries in the freezer for many months," said her attorney, John Fiske with Gomez Iagmin.

Wilson's attorneys said she is one of 49 victims in seven states who contracted hepatitis A after consuming frozen Townsend Farm berries.  

The victims are located in California, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.  

Per the Centers for Disease Control website, hepatitis A is spread when food or drink contaminated by feces of an infected person is ingested by mouth.


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