Last Valitar horses auctioned off

Proceeds to help Valitar performers

LAKESIDE, Calif. - The last remaining horses of a bankrupt equestrian show were placed on the auction block Tuesday.

Angie May was on a mission, to come home with Tucker, one of six horses that were put up for auction from the Valitar bankruptcy.

The Valitar equestrian show in Del Mar was suddenly shut down last November, and a month later, producers Mark and Tatiana Remley of Rancho Santa Fe declared bankruptcy, leaving scores of performers, animals and creditors in limbo.

The huge tent the show and other equipment were auctioned off in January.

At the Lakeside Corral, the remaining six horses were up for bid.

Tucker, a quarter horse up for auction, caught Angie's eye and that of her children the day before, but when the bidding went past the amount she wanted to pay, she received a little help from her friends.

"They said, 'Bid ... we'll cover you, bid, bid, bid.' It was awesome," said May, who had the winning bid of $6,500.

Linda Harris, a self-described horse lover, was among those who stepped in to help.

"Their's was the absolute best home for Tucker to go to, we didn't come this far to not let them go to great homes," Harris said.

Harris also bid and won the right to take home two mini horses.

The proceeds will help grow the bankruptcy fund to help defray over $200,000 owed to the performers and $2.9 million owed to creditors.

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