Last pieces of South Bay Power Plant removed

21,000 tons recycled from bayfront site

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Four months after it was brought down in a spectacular implosion, 10News reporter Joe Little got a firsthand look at the cleanup effort of the South Bay Power Plant.

The plant was reduced to a 21,000-ton pile of rubble in February, and the pile was removed and recycled in the months after.

As of Friday, the four towers that made up the 53-year-old plant were completely removed, down to their concrete foundation.

"It's just incredible to imagine this is where that big hulking power plant used to be," said Unified Port of San Diego Chair Ann Moore, who was seeing the property for the first time Friday.

The Port owns the property located along Chula Vista's bayfront, and it is part of the city's 550-acre Bayfront Master Plan that will bring hotels, shopping, restaurants and homes to the bayfront.

It will take at least another year to remove the 11-foot-deep concrete foundation and test the soil around it before making any improvements to the plant property.

"We are absolutely going to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the soil," said Moore.

Eventually, the plant property will become open space and a new recreational vehicle resort.

However, the first improvement to the bayfront, besides removing the power plant, will be the extension of H Street to the water this fall.

"H Street is going to be the main gateway into the bayfront," said Moore.

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