Large portion of Ocean Beach Pier unsecure: Metal braces holding railing posts have rusted

SAN DIEGO - Waves closed down the Ocean Beach Pier for an afternoon two weeks ago. A San Diegan contacted 10News to show us the waves are not the only danger.

Alex Mobley loves to lean on the railing and look at the ocean from the pier.

"You know, it feels like you're out over the ocean, so I think that's why people lean over," said Mobley.

Ocean Beach resident Jack Hill pointed out a hazard on part of the rail.

"That's a good two inches on either side it's rotating," said Hill as he pointed out a loose rail.

That is because the metal support brackets holding up the posts have rusted away.

Mobley said, "Yeah, it's kind of a concern, for sure … I mean, it doesn't look good."

"This one shows the complete crack," said Hill.

The loose section is about 80 feet long.

"It's scary," said Hill. "I don't want to see some child fall over. I think an adult that could swim might be able to make it in."

However, it is a long drop to the water.

"I would say right now, in the tide, that's approximately 15 or 16 feet," said Hill.

He and his wife have owned a home in Ocean Beach for the past 26 years. For the last five years, they have been talking to city officials, trying to get some work done on the pier.

"And the response I received was they had no money to allocate for Ocean Beach renovation or repair … that the money had better be addressed toward fixing sidewalks and streets," said Hill.

More than $2 million was spent on the pier in 1991 to repair damages caused by winter storms, but pounding waves keep rusting the braces and eroding pieces of the concrete and rebar that support parts of the pier.

"I believe it's an imminent safety hazard and should be addressed immediately," said Hill.

10News reached out to San Diego mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer, who represents the area, and received this statement from his office.

"We have alerted city crews and requested they immediately investigate and take action to make all necessary repairs."

"Parts of the pier that shook like that, yeah, I definitely think it should be replaced," said Mobley.

10News also reached out to the city Parks and Recreation Department but have not heard back.

The Ocean Beach Pier opened in 1966. More than half a million people visit it each year.

10News will continue to stay on top of the safety concerns and report any new developments.

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