LAPD speaks out on death of Oceanside driver: Officers opened fire after high-speed chase

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said no stone will be left unturned in the department's investigation into the shooting death of an Oceanside man Friday night.

Police say 51-year-old Brian Beaird was behind the wheel of a Corvette and refused to pull over.  

The chase ended when the Corvette smashed into another car at a downtown Los Angeles intersection. Beaird then tried to move the car, which failed. He got out and went behind it when officers fired, initially with a bean bag shotgun. 

10News spoke with LAPD Cmdr. Alexander Smith.

"Policy dictates that the officer using the non-lethal bean bag shotgun notify other officers so they don't think lethal force is being used," he said.

That will be part of the investigation – whether a warning was verbally issued, Smith said.

Meantime, Beaird's father and brother traveled from Madera, north of Fresno, to Los Angeles to identify the body.

Beaird's brother John said that during the chase, Beaird was on the phone with his father asking, "Why are they after me? I didn't do anything."

Investigators will offer preliminary results into the Friday night fatal as early as Tuesday.

Beaird's former sister-in-law told 10News that he was a disabled veteran but was not married and had no children.

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