LAPD says some officers still live in fear despite possibility Christopher Dorner is deceased

Police still awaiting positive ID of body in cabin

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Police Department says even if the body in Big Bear is identified as homicide suspect Christopher Dorner, the investigation into his alleged crime spree is far from over.

"It's been a very trying time over the last couple weeks for all of those involved," said LAPD Lt. Andrew Neiman.

Neiman confirmed that the department is no longer on tactical alert, but about a dozen protective details are still in place for some named in Dorner's manifesto.

"If it [was] your family that was placed in jeopardy, not knowing for certain that the person that was threatening your family was no longer around and the threat no longer exists, that's a concern," Neiman said during a Wednesday morning press conference.

For the LAPD, the focus turns to contacting witnesses who may know something about the murders, which includes an Orange County couple -- Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence -- and two law enforcement officers. The LAPD confirmed there are more than 1,000 clues to date.

"We don't just stop a murder case simply because we think the suspect in that case is no longer with us," Neiman said.

With the ongoing investigation, there are questions about the $1 million reward and if it will be given to anyone who helped lead police to the cabin in Big Bear that went up in flames Tuesday.

The LAPD says that will be determined by the city attorneys.

"The issuance of a reward again is for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of an individual. This is sort of an unusual circumstance," Neiman said. "The Los Angeles Police Department does not issue rewards, so we are not the reward business."

No timeframe was given for when the murder investigations will be complete.

The amount spent on the manhunt for Dorner has not yet been publicly released.

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