Lakeside families displaced by fire this Christmas; Blame plumbing company

Team 10 calls company for answers

LAKESIDE, Calif. - Several Lakeside families will be waking up in a hotel room after a fire at an apartment complex.

"This should have never have happened. He didn't even have a fire extinguisher," said Joyce Green.

Green and her fiancé, Steven Garcia, say a plumber from Pride Plumbing was working in their kitchen Wednesday when the insulation caught on fire.

"I tried to help him and he kept breaking holes in the wall, everything trying to catch it before it went any higher .But it was too fast," said Garcia.

The fire spread to three other units inside the Winter Gardens Terrace Condominium's, including Dale Board's upstairs unit.

Board says his place has smoke damage.

"It cost me money I had to give gifts back to turn them in, so I could get cleaning supplies and pay for the person to help us clean," said Board.

Green and her family are now residing at a hotel.

"No Christmas tree, no nothing," said Green.

They say, the owner of Pride Plumbing promised to pay for them to stay in the hotel for 30 days.

"They paid for two nights and then they wouldn't pay for anything after that. Their insurance company wouldn't let them," she said.

Team 10 called the company owner, Chuck Newton, who said he can't comment. He would not tell us the name of his insurance company and then he hung up.

Green and her neighbors say they need help.

"They caused the fire and they won't pay for me to have some place to live," said Green.

They also want to make sure this never happens again.

"You should have known to have a fire extinguisher. You are a welder -- you should have had a fire extinguisher. You should have been more cautious and had the right equipment with you," said Green.

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