La Mesa fundraiser held for girl battling rare form of cancer

Olivia Hudson has already beaten cancer once

LA MESA, Calif. - The Masons of La Mesa donated their lodge Saturday night for a fundraiser aimed at helping a precious little girl and her family.

Olivia Hudson is almost 4 years old.  But in her short life, she's been through what for most of us would be unimaginable. 

"It's been a long couple of years," her father Andre Hudson said at Saturday's fundraiser.

Olivia was first diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer back in the summer of 2011.  More recently, the cancer has gone to her spine.  There have been multiple surgeries. 

"Chemotherapies, radiations ... so we've been through a lot.  She's been through a lot," her father, Andre Hudson, said.

The recognition of what Olivia and her family have endured was why dozens of people showed up at the lodge Saturday night. 

The fundraiser was organized by Lora Morel. 

"It's heartbreaking.  I have 4 children and I couldn't imagine having to go through something like that," Morel said.

The fundraiser was truly a community effort:  There was a band of clowns; teenagers from a church youth group served dinner; and dinner and several raffle prizes were all donated.  Every penny will go to the Hudson family. 

"This is absolutely amazing.  But it's just a continuation of blessings we've received from organizations, people, individuals," Andre Hudson said.

The Hudson family said they didn't even know most of the people at the fundraiser. 

"It's amazing.  It's overwhelming and it's very touching to see the people that we do know here," said Olivia's mother, Rachel Hudson.

The money raised will help the Hudson family with some of the huge medical bills they are facing.  But Andre Hudson said what his family needs now more than anything else is prayer. 

"There are no more treatments they can do for her right now.  So, we're just spending time with her.  They sent us home and just said to spend time with her and so that's what we're doing," Hudson said.

Lora Morel told 10News the fundraiser garnered between $9, 000 and $10,000. That, along with the good wishes of everyone at the fundraiser will help the Hudson family through a tremendously difficult time.

Members of the public who would like to assist Olivia can visit any Wells Fargo bank branch and make a donation to Account Number No. 2726963206.

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