La Jolla fireworks show back on

LA JOLLA - The beleaguered 4th of July fireworks show in La Jolla Cove may go on after all now that organizers have reportedly obtained both funding as well as a fireworks company to put on the event.

Last week, La Jolla Community Fireworks Foundation Committee member Deborah Marengo told 10News that several hotels, businesses and residents stepped forward to donate the $30,000 needed to put on the show.  

However, on June 11, the fireworks were officially canceled because the foundation did not think it could find a company to put on the show on such short notice. According to Marengo, thanks to some connections, it was able to find a Los Angeles-based fireworks company with the permits and clearance capable of putting on the show.

The next step involves filling out all the necessary permits with the city. Organizers believe they won't have a problem, since the city has given them the green light for the fireworks show before.

This is not the first time the show has been threatened. In 2011 a lawsuit, was filed by an environmental lawyer who argued debris from the airborne explosives harmed the sea life in the area. That case has since been settled.

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