Kittens accidentally packed in box, shipped from Los Angeles to Chula Vista ready for adoption

Mouse and Wi-Fi survived 100-mile journey

SAN DIEGO - Two kittens that were accidentally boxed up with underground cable equipment and shipped from Los Angeles to a Cox Communications warehouse in Chula Vista are ready to be adopted.

Surprisingly, the kittens survived the journey in the back of a hot 18-wheeler in April but were dehydrated and malnourished.

The San Diego Humane Society took them in and nursed them back to health. Their caretakers named them "Mouse" and "Wi-Fi" because of their "Internet cable background."

Now at 10 weeks, they are old enough and healthy enough for adoption.

Humane Society spokeswoman Kelli Schry told 10News, "Because they had such a rough start, they really did have a struggle. They were underweight, had trouble keeping weight on so even when they were 8 weeks old, which is of age to be spayed and neutered, they weren't quite 2 pounds yet. So, we had to continue to get them up to weight."

Fred and Alice Wasserman are Mouse and Wi-Fi's foster parents.

"As you can see, they're both friendly," said Fred Wasserman. "They just took a long time coming around. But if you'd been shipped in a box for 100 miles, you'd have a hard time coming around too. But they're doing fine. I think they're going to be great."

After 10News aired their story, the Humane Society was flooded with requests to adopt them. Starting Friday, June 27, they will start accepting applications.

"We're really just looking for someone who's willing to adopt both of them together and give them a good, loving home," said Schry.  

The Humane Society will accept applications through July 3. They do not want to separate the siblings so those who apply must be willing to adopt them both.

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