Killer whale spotted off San Diego coast

SAN DIEGO - The closest most of us have ever come to seeing a killer whale is at SeaWorld, but it has been a different story for Judy Lawrence.

"I guess I'm just lucky," said Lawrence.

Lawrence, a volunteer at the San Diego Natural History Museum was on a whale-watching trip out of H&M Landing in Point Loma Thursday when she spotted a killer whale.  

"We were about 14 miles off of San Diego near the Coronado Islands," she said.  

The orca had been following a school of dolphins.  

"All of a sudden, we saw the dolphins sort of sprint in the water and we knew something was up," said Ken Baruch, the captain of the whale watching vessel Daiwa Pacific.  

"Everyone got excited; cellphone cameras were snapping pictures as the killer whale came right up to the boat then went under it," Lawrence said.  

This is the second time she's spotted a killer whale off the coast after seeing one last year.  

"I'm going to try for three," she said.

Usually Northern California or Canada is where they're located, but a SeaWorld spokesperson said they know of a pod in Central California so it's not uncommon to see one down here every once in awhile.

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