John Gardner, killer of Chelsea King, Amber Dubois says he reached out for help but didn't get it

Author says there's reason to believe Gardner

SAN DIEGO - Statements made by the man who killed Chelsea King and Escondido teenager Amber Dubois are coming under renewed scrutiny.

In Caitlin Rother's book "Lost Girls," she said after John Gardner had murdered Amber Dubois, but before he killed Chelsea King, he reached out for help at least half a dozen times.  One of those was with his mother at a public psychiatric facility in Riverside in February 2010. 

"He even suggested to the doctor, according to both of them, that he was a 5150 -- which means that he thought he was a danger to himself or others," said Lost Girls author Caitlin Rother. 

Being declared 5150 means that a person can be held for 72 hours if they are a threat to themself or others.  But Rother told 10News that Gardner told her the doctor let him go after prescribing some medication. 

"The doctor said, 'Do you think you're going to hurt somebody now?  Do you feel like hurting anyone?'  He said, 'No. Not right now,'" Rother said.

10News asked Rother why she believed him.

"His mother also told me this and she produced some prescription drug vials that were dated the same day that they both said they went to see this psychiatrist," she answered.

There was another thing that Rother said lends credibility to Gardner's contention that he reached out for help, something shocking and disturbing. 

"There are no mental health facilities or substance abuse facilities in this county that take sex offenders.  So, I'm not saying that because I feel sorry for him.  I'm saying that because we are not safe.  If somebody like him is seeking help and can't get it, none of us is safe," Rother said.

Rother made it clear that she has no sympathy whatsoever for Gardner.  She simply said she was trying to point out a situation that should concern all of us.

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