Ice cream truck driver robbed at gunpoint by kids in Skyline area talks to 10News

SAN DIEGO - An ice cream truck driver robbed at gunpoint by three boys told 10News he gave them two days' worth of profits rather than risking harm.

Hugo Sanchez owns CU-CU's Ice Cream, which often does business in the Skyline area. On Thursday evening, as he was behind the wheel of his truck, he said three pre-teen boys approached him. One of the boys held a gun to his head and ordered him to hand over his money.

Sanchez said he handed over the cash, and as the boys ran off in one direction, he took off going the opposite way. Sanchez was not injured.

Sanchez said he recognized the boy who held the gun as the same one who hit his truck with a rock a while back.

Police believe the boys suspected in the robbery live in the neighborhood near Black Oak Road and Meadowbrook Drive.

"It's pretty brazen for that to happen period, especially with an ice cream truck," said Huey Mitchell, who lives nearby.

"I mean that's really crazy," said Cristin Martinez, shaking his head. "How much money could an ice cream truck have in the first place?"

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