Kids hockey coach arrested for trading child pornography online

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - 10News was tipped off to a local kids hockey coach who was arrested for trading child pornography online.

Gregory Eagles, 54, was arrested Monday at his home in Chula Vista.

Greg Dalton, a parent-volunteer hockey coach cannot understand how Eagles slipped through three extensive background checks to become a parent-volunteer coach at the Joan Kroc Center in La Mesa.

“I feel really good with my kids going here and to get checked out like that, some place that really holds you responsible for taking care of the kids,” Dalton said.

Eagles is not a staff member. He has been with the San Diego Saints Traveling Hockey program for more than two years.

Investigators with the Internet Crimes Against Children said they found that Eagles, a Navy veteran and now a Navy contractor, has been sharing and receiving images of child porn.

Neighbors said they often heard Eagles yelling, but otherwise he seemed like a decent family man.

One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified told 10News Reporter Itica Milanes, “It's just shocking to me. It’s not something you would expect. He is a family guy, he's got kids he's got a wife.”

Rubio said his daughter is very close friends with Eagles’ daughter. He said the allegations made him feel sick and angry.

“His oldest daughter has invited my daughter to spend the night a few times, but I always had this feeling, it didn’t' feel right," said Rubio.

The director of the Joan Kroc Center told 10News there are several safeguards in place to protect children who come to the center. One of the rules is that a child cannot be alone with a coach. There must always be two or three others in the same room or on the ice.

Also, children, coaches, parents, volunteers and staff are prohibited from having a cell phone or any recording devices in the locker room or any private area. Eagles has been suspended from the hockey program pending the investigation. He is charged with three felonies. He is scheduled to be in court Oct. 2.

10News learned Eagles bailed out of jail by Monday night.

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