Kevin Faulconer campaign commercial uses face familiar to San Diegans

Ad reviewed by The Civility Project

SAN DIEGO - In an ad released by City Councilman Kevin Faulconer's campaign, former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders makes an appearance and endorses the mayoral candidate.

"He got the celebrity endorsement, a top-of-the-totem-pole endorsement," former state Assemblyman Jeff Marston told 10News.

Faulconer is one of several strong candidates vying to be the city's next mayor in a special election set for November 19.

Marston said Sanders helped deliver on the theme of the television commercial, telling 10News, "Their theme is 'this is what I am.'"

John Beatty, another member of The Civility Project, added, "When a popular figure endorses someone, they sure as hell hope it will rub off."

Beatty and Marston can't say for sure if the Sanders "magic" will stick to Faulconer, but both believe the campaign couldn't have picked a stronger pitchman for the candidate.

The Civility Project rates political ads for how they deliver their message. The members of the project are Marston, longtime 10News political reporter Beatty and political scientist Carl Luna.

How the scoring is done:

For this most recent Faulconer ad, Marston and Beatty provided the review and rating, giving the Faulconer advertisement strong marks for civility. The ad received an "A" on their report card and there were no negative elements in the ad.

They said the ad contained a positive message and it referenced what the candidate has accomplished and wants to accomplish in the future.

As to how long the civil tone will last, both reviewers said it's only a matter of time before things change.

Marston said, "The candidates themselves are sensitive enough and their campaigns are sensitive enough to not get down in the mud."

But as Election Day draws near, Marston and Beatty expect to see the gloves come off with ads paid for by political action committees who operate independently of the candidates.

Both experts believe no one will win the required majority and there will be a runoff.

Marston believes it will get nastier before that special election, and Beatty believes it turns mean when it gets down to just the final contenders.

"When it gets down to two, the tenor is going to change; everyone knows we are nice, know we can be nasty," Beatty said.

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