Kassim Alhimidi speaks out after guilty verdict

EL CAJON - An Iraqi immigrant convicted of beating his wife to death spoke to 10News one day after the guilty verdict and courtroom mayhem that followed.

A dejected Kassim Alhimidi expressed dark thoughts during the jailhouse interview Friday.
“God help me,” Alhimidi said. “He no help me, God, maybe I need die. I need die.”
Convicted of the bludgeoning murder of his wife, 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi, on March 21, 2012, at their El Cajon home, he again protested his innocence.

“Please, I am not guilty. I swear, I'm not guilty.”
Alhimidi’s defense attorney argued that the couple’s teenage daughter, Fatima, was home upstairs when Alawadi was killed. Alhimidi himself claimed he was out for a drive when the attack happened. He alleged was a young man who killed his wife, moments after he drove away.

Prosecutors said Alawadi had told relatives she "couldn't stand" the defendant and had taken out divorce papers.

“I see my house clean, my wife alive,” Alhimidi said. “After three minutes, somebody go into my house, kill my wife.”
Jurors deliberated for about a day-and-a-half before finding Alhimidi, 49, guilty of first-degree murder Thursday in the death of Alawadi, a mother of five. He was asked about his strange response to the reading of the guilty verdict.

“I smile, because I am not guilty. That's why I smile... for everybody.  It's stupid, that's why I smile.  Stupid everybody!”

There was bedlam in the third floor courtroom after the guilty verdict, with Alhimidi's older son, Mohammed, screaming obscenities. The defendant yelled, too, as deputies wrestled his son outside to handcuff him.

Alhimidi told 10News Friday that his children believe that he is not a violent man.

“My daughter, she say, 'my dad nice, never touch my mom like this, not touch me, not touch my son, my kids, nothing!'”   
Facing 26 years to life in prison, the Iraqi immigrant wondered aloud about his children’s future and his decision to come to the U.S.

“My wife die, I am in the jail, this is freedom in the United State?”

Alhamidi will be sentenced May 15.

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