Jury Rejects Man's Lawsuit Against Seau's Estate

Murray Lea's Suit Stems From Injuries Suffered Avoiding Junior Seau's SUV Crash In 2010

A Carlsbad man's lawsuit filed against the estate of famed Chargers linebacker Junior Seau was rejected by a jury Thursday.

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Murray Lea was seeking $101,000 after he said he was injured dodging Seau's Cadillac Escalade as it ran off a cliff in 2010.

"[It] reminds me a little about the O.J. [Simpson] trial -- the one with the most expensive attorneys wins," Lea said Thursday.

Lea claimed serious hip and groin injuries as he jumped out of the way of Seau's SUV as it flew off a cliff at Carlsbad State Beach in 2010.

Sporting dreadlocks, shorts, and sandals, Lea said he saw no reason to change his appearance for court.

"That shouldn't determine the truth. The truth is the truth, no matter what I'm wearing or not wearing. It's the truth, you can't change the truth," Lea said.

Lea knew he was taking on a San Diego icon, and he told 10News, "Who wanted to bring a lawsuit against Junior Seau? C'mon, get real. Seriously, but I had to do it, I was hurt."

Lea's medical records weren't authenticated and were disallowed as evidence.

"Maybe getting affidavits, notarized statements indicating the medical records were good proof of the fact. There were no eyewitnesses," said Lea.

Lea said he will move on and hopes to return to work shaping surfboards.

"I'm almost better. Another 15 [to] 20 days, the hip flexor will get a little bit better. I have a couple of shops lined up and I'll be back in business again …," said Lea, who also sells novelty T-shirts.

Seau's 2010 crash was ruled an accident.

The Chargers great died in May from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 43 years old.

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