Jury Hung On 2 Counts In Spousal Rape Trial

Shawn Harris Found Guilty Of Forcible Oral Copulation

A man accused of raping his wife was found guilty on one count, but the jury was hung on two other counts, including forcible rape.

Shawn Harris was convicted on a count of forcible oral copulation, 10News reported.

Crystal Harris said her husband raped and choked her in March 2008 while their two young children were in the house.

Earlier this week, Shawn Harris said the couple's marriage was filled with role-playing and the acting out of sexual fantasies.

However, Crystal Harris' testimony disputed that, and she claimed her husband had a violent temper and a history of abuse.

"I really thought I was gonna die when he was raping me ... he was choking me," she said in an interview with 10News before the trial. "What I remember thinking at the time was, I don't know if he's trying to kill me, but if he's not trying to kill me he's probably gonna accidentally kill me. I mean, I really thought it was the end for me."

Shawn Harris admitted to prior anger management problems and domestic abuse, but his defense attorney said his wife made up the rape story to divorce her husband without having to pay support since she earns more money than him.

Harris will be sentenced Monday, which is also when prosecutors will decide whether he will be tried again on the other two charges.

He was taken into custody.