Judge who sentenced OJ Simpson in Las Vegas case reacts to parole

Jackie Glass believes Simpson will serve more time

SAN DIEGO - The Las Vegas judge who sentenced O.J. Simpson for kidnapping and robbery spoke to 10News about the former football star's parole.

Simpson won a partial parole after he was sentenced in 2008 for kidnapping and robbery in Las Vegas.

"I understand he's been a model prisoner," said Jackie Glass, the now retired Nevada judge who sentenced him.

Simpson said in 2008 he was simply going to a hotel room to get sports memorabilia he signed back. However, a jury didn't buy it in 2008, and Glass said she doesn't buy it now.

"If you lend your neighbor something and they don't give it back, you can't take a gun next door to get your property back and that's exactly what happened in his case," she said.

Simpson is asking that his conviction be overturned on grounds that his then-attorney Yale Galanter botched the trial.

"That's a real difficult standard to meet," said Glass, who during the sentencing phase of the trial said the evidence in the case, which included video surveillance, was overwhelming.

"I don't know yet that he understands that what he did was wrong," she said.

Simpson will stay behind bars for at least four more years on the other charges unless a new trial is granted.

Glass is now in private practice in Nevada.


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