JFK Experience at San Diego County Fair features President Kennedy family mementos

Addtional $5 fee for admission to tour exhibit

SAN DIEGO - For exhibit owner Jim Warlick, it is not just about displays and artifacts. The JFK Experience is about giving guests a chance to relive those historical moments.

Warlick's collection includes the last car President John F. Kennedy was in before the assassination car. It features moments from the family, including a tie Kennedy wore, Jacqueline Kennedy's bathing suit and the phone Kennedy made his last call on at the hotel before he was shot.

To keep exhibit visitors in the moment, they fixed up a replica of Air Force One just as it was that day.

The tour takes guests through the bedroom quarters where a replica of Jackie Kennedy's famous pink dress is on display.

Warlick says that when people come to visit, they "talk about that day and where they were. Everyone will turn to strangers, you know, that's what I was doing, and they'll share with them."

The exhibit draws in a few hundred each day, giving people a behind-the-scenes look at the presidential Oval Office and the famous gowns that First Ladies wore.

It is an exhibit that looks back at the past and will not be back in San Diego for at least five years.

There is a $5 fee to tour the exhibit on top of the San Diego County Fair admission fee for those 13 years old and up.

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