Items left behind after 'Valitar' show went bankrupt now up for auction

Items include tent, floor mats, tools, chariots

DEL MAR, Calif. - Items left behind after the "Valitar" show went bankrupt, including a large red tent in the parking lot of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, are now up for auction.

"Because this is a bankruptcy sale, there are no minimum bids so everything from the 45,000-square-foot main tent to office chairs and telephones will go to the highest bidder," said Jeff Bloom. He is with Fischer Auctions, which is handling the sale.

The tents have been vacant since the "Valitar" show suddenly declared bankruptcy last November.  

"We couldn't do anything about the tents because it was being handled by the courts, but in the meantime, they were taking up a huge section of our parking lot," said Linda Zweig, a spokeswoman for the fairgrounds.  

The main tent costs roughly $2 million to buy it new.

"We have some interested parties," said Bloom.  

Aside from the tents and furniture, there are assorted tools, rubber floor mats, credit card terminals and even metal chariots used in the show.

The auction – both online and in person – gets under way Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Bloom said whoever buys the big tent must have $5,000 handy for a deposit and be able to pay off the balance the next day.

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