Israel, Palestine supporters demonstrate at rally in University City

Rally at Nobel Athletic Field and Recreation Park

SAN DIEGO - There were some tense moments at a peace rally in University City on Sunday afternoon as Israeli and Palestinan supporters exchanged words over the conflict between Israel and Gaza's Hamas leaders.

The two groups yelled at each other as officers stood by. Police created a buffer zone between them as a police helicopter circled overhead, filming the crowd in case things became violent.

Some of those who attended the rally have family members riding out the violence in shelters. Rachel Barnes' cousin was killed in a rocket attack.

"His name is Itzik Am Salem," she said. "He's only 24 years old. He was about to get married… He just had a lot of things going for him."

His death was mourned at the stand with Israel rally in University City.

The White House says Palestinian rockets landed in Israel, shattering a delicate truce. Israel fired back, carrying out a five-day bombing campaign to target members of Hamas they believe are responsible for the attacks. Seventy-three people were killed, including 37 civilians.

Supporters of Palestine were also at the rally on Sunday, protesting what they call the killing of innocents.

"They bombed the home where mourners where gathered and then immediately afterwards, they killed one of the leaders of Hamas," said Zahi Damuni, who is with the Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

Through all the blame, both sides told 10News they want peace.

"If they put their arms down, I can guarantee there'll be peace, but if we put our arms down, they will come after us," said Barnes.

But in the Middle East, there is talk of an Israeli ground invasion into Gaza. Palestine supporters are quick to remind who pays for Israel's bullets and bombs.

"It's coming out of your pocket and we're paying those taxes that are funding the state of Israel with its rockets, with its nuclear program," said Damuni.

Sunday's event ended without any violence.

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