Is Philip Rivers' bolo tie the Chargers' lucky charm?

Rivers has worn tie during win streak

SAN DIEGO - Chargers fans are still celebrating Sunday's playoff win in Cincinnati, and some of the more superstitious fans are thanking quarterback Philip Rivers and his now-infamous bolo tie.

On Monday, head coach Mike McCoy, Rivers and some other players met with the media to discuss their 27-10 victory over the Bengals and their next playoff game against the Denver Broncos.

However, many of the questions asked weren't just about the games or the next opponent.

Asked about the Hoosiers Gym in Indiana sweatshirt he was wearing, Rivers said, "I thought it was just fitting. I'm certainly not superstitious or anything like that."

As for the bolo tie he wore after Sunday's win, Rivers said, "I mean, it is a tie … it's officially a tie."

Fans first noticed Rivers' choice of tie after the Chargers beat the Broncos in Denver in early December. Following that game, Rivers was seen wearing a bolo tie and rattlesnake boots.

Rivers said the fashion choice came after McCoy issued a shirt-and-tie policy for road games.

When asked about Rivers' attire, McCoy said, "Everyone has their own styles."

A reporter asked McCoy, "Do you like his style?"

McCoy replied, "Everyone has their own styles …"

Though it may be more than style, some say the bolo tie is lucky.

"The one yesterday was actually one that somebody sent me in El Cajon. He said, 'I don't wear it, thought you might like it.' So, I thought I'd wear it for him," Rivers said.

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