Iraq war vet's suicide note goes viral

Parents vow to prevent future military suicides

SAN DIEGO - A few weeks ago, 30-year-old Daniel Somers, who served two tours in Iraq, took his own life.

Sadly, Somers is not the first military veteran to commit suicide, but it is what he left behind that so many are now paying attention to.

Somers did not know the meaning of the word quit, yet he could no longer cope with the demons of war and last month took his own life.

"He never got the help he needed," said Somer's father, Howard.

Daniel Somers served two tours in Iraq with the Army National Guard.

"He was a hugger and he wasn't a hugger anymore when he came home," said his mother, Jean. "He didn't want to be touched."

Daniel's parents vowed not to let this happen to anyone else, so they decided to release the contents of their son's suicide note.

In it, Daniel wrote, "Your world will be better off without me in it … my mind is a wasteland with visions of incredible horror … this isn't a suicide but a mercy killing, I am free."

Daniel left behind a wife in the Phoenix area.

"Daniel's final mission will be our life's mission," Howard Somers said. "I always told him he could be a changing force in the world, if we can prevent others from doing what Daniel did, that will be his legacy."


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