Investigators Not Sitting On Toilet-Seat Heist

Officials Search For $2,700 Toilet Seat

The San Diego Police Department is looking into a toilet seat heist in Old Town, 10News reported.

When nature calls, most rely on the bare minimum. However, there are some who are willing to pay a pretty penny for a toilet seat.

A toilet seat worth $2,700 was stolen from a man's shed in Old Town.

"You can program it. Set temperatures of water in the morning and when you get up at 7:30, your toilet seat is warm and ready for you," said Hamid Shoushtari.

Shoushtari is talking about the Bidet Spa, which warms up the toilet seat with a touch of a button. He had one in his store shed.

"It was a product, they gave it to me. In order for me to promote it, I'd show it to clients. I lost it," said Shoushtari, who works for Best American Technology.

It turns out that someone stole the toilet seat and its case right out of the shed. He filed a police report and detectives are looking to flush out a suspect.

"I told them this is not your regular case. I told them I lost a high-tech toilet seat. The detectives contacted me and said they're going to try and find it," Shoushtari said.

He said he will be grateful to anyone who helps him recover the high-end toilet seat.

"The reward will be a thank-you," he said.

Since the suspect left no paper trail, police are hoping someone recognizes the container for the toilet seat, which looks like a Samsonite suitcase.

Shoushtari said the seat will not work unless it's properly installed.

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