Woman tells Team 10 Mayor Bob Filner 'violated' her when he was congressman

Woman's account is first on-camera interview

SAN DIEGO - For the first time, a woman has agreed to let a San Diego media outlet record her accusations about sexual harassment against Mayor Bob Filner.

She says her experience happened long before Filner was mayor -- she says it happened when he was a congressman.

Team 10 is protecting her identity because she fears retaliation and public humiliation. The woman is comfortable with revealing that for years, she lobbied the congressman on behalf of California Association of Realtors.

Below is a transcript of our discussion.

Woman: "We would go into his office. We would meet. We would talk. There was always a photo taken either at the beginning or at the end and it seems that Mr. Filner always wanted to be next to a woman in the photos and on several occasions I was that person."

Woman: "The first time I stood next to him in a photo he kind of rubbed the shoulders up and down the back."

Woman: "It would go to where he would caress on the bottom and up the shoulders."

Mitch Blacher: "He would actually touch your rear end?"

Woman: "Yes, the bottom, yes."

Woman: "He would then go as far around as the waist and come up so he was around your arm and the inner under arm breast area."

Mitch Blacher: "What did you do? How do you react to something like that?"

Woman: "I pulled away, looked at him."

Mitch Blacher: "Did you feel like you were being sexually harassed?"

Woman: "I was violated, yes."

Mitch Blacher: "Why did it take you so long to come forward?"

Woman: "Fear of repercussions."

Mitch Blacher: "Even now, we're putting you in silhouette. You would have been the first woman to really put a face to this."

Woman: "I know, I know and even now I'm still afraid of repercussions."

Woman: "He is abusing his power and when he came out and did a DVD saying he is sorry and he had an apology and he would take a harassment class. It goes much, much further than that and that's what made me decide to talk to you about this."

The mayor has said he is innocent in a news release sent out on Monday.

Team 10 would like to note several interview requests sent to the mayor's office have been denied or ignored. The mayor did grant interviews with some television reporters, but not Team 10.

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