Woman tells Team 10 Mayor Bob Filner inappropriately touched her

Second woman sends email account

SAN DIEGO - A woman has come forward to tell her story about what she said Mayor Bob Filner is like behind closed doors. Another woman has also come forward via email to another media outlet. Both women have told their stories under the condition of anonymity.

Woman One talked to Team 10. She said Mayor Filner, 70 years old, had inappropriately touched her behind closed doors, with no one else in the room.

Woman One gave a detailed account of what happened, but asked that the details would not be published.

She said the mayor did this to many women, and many people knew about it.

“It’s one of the worst kept secrets in town,” Woman One said. "Everyone in the power structure knew this,” she said of people in local government.

"I heard more than once, that people would rather have a single man in office that disrespects women, than a man in office ... representing an entire party that disrespects women," she said.

Woman One said Filner's behavior was like this for a long time.

“One of his Achilles heels when he ran for mayor, 'How do you manage the women'?” Woman One said.

Several of Filner's former supporters have called for his resignation amid sexual harassment claims. Filner has said in a statement that he is innocent.

Woman Two, identified as a constituent, sent an email to the San Diego Reader. The website posted several paragraphs detailing Woman Two's account of what happened with the mayor behind closed doors.

"...He told me that he thought I was a very attractive woman and asked if I would go out with him.

“I thought he was making a joke and told him that I knew he had a very attractive fiancée. He then repeated that he would like to go out with me. He never acknowledged my comment about his fiancée. He then said he would like to kiss me. I did not acknowledge him. He leaned over and kissed me anyway. I got up and left.”

Mayor Filner released a DVD statement last week, in which he admitted to intimidating and mistreating women in his office. Friday evening, he released a statement through his spokeswoman via email, denying sexual harassment claims.

"I am confident that a fair and independent investigation will support my innocence with respect to any charges of sexual harassment," the statement read.

Several leaders in the Democratic Party have called for Filner to resign over sexual harassment claims.

A second news conference with three prominent former supporters was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. Monday, during which more details were expected about the allegations made against the mayor.

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