That guy's no building inspector, he's a thief

CARMEL VALLEY, Calif. - A fake building inspector is on the prowl in Carmel Valley.

The thief puts on an orange vest and hangs a badge around his neck to try to fool employees at businesses into letting him in.

"He walks toward our front desk and very casually smiles at our front desk ladies and says I'm from the building inspection, I need to check some power outlets," said Dr. Kami Hoss with The Super Dentists, a children's dental facility in Carmel Valley.

In surveillance video obtained by Team 10, the thief is seen walking into Hoss' office and looks around. He exits the office for about 20 seconds to make sure nobody is nearby and then searches through the doctor's desk.

The man got away with the doctor's wallet and money clip. He took the doctor's property, put it in his own pocket and left the building.

"The whole thing took four minutes … from the time he walked in our office to the time he was out of it," Hoss said.

Hoss told Team 10 that his business was not the only one targeted. The man tried to do the same thing at a nearby business, but that owner walked around with the thief.

Hoss said they usually have a secure check-in process, but because they were celebrating their grand opening party that night, the employees thought he was one of the vendors.

The man has a long ponytail and tattoos on his arms.

Hoss is offering a unique reward to anyone with information leading to this man's arrest -- free braces.

"We're always used to fighting cavities and crooked teeth here, looks like we have to add fighting crimes on top of it," Hoss said.

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