Thief steals from Girl Scouts and the military: Operation Thin Mint donation box stolen

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - Outraged parents called Team 10 after they say a man stole from Escondido Girl Scouts and the military in the same night.

The incident occurred while members of the Escondido Girl Scout Troop 2034 were selling Girl Scout cookies in the Albertsons parking lot Saturday.

"He just took the box and in five seconds he was in his car," said Girl Scout Zoey Fullerton.

Troop leader and mom Erin Fullerton ran after the man.

"I tried to reach in and grab the money. For some reason and I fell down and they tore off," said Fullerton, who injured her elbow.

Fullerton managed to get his license plate number and called police.

"It wasn't so much about the money. It was $45 or $50. It was the principle," said Fullerton. "He stole from the Girl Scouts and the soldiers overseas. How low can you go?"

The donations were for Operation Thin Mint, which goes to buy service members Girl Scout cookies overseas.

"Now, the soldiers don't get any cookies but luckily, a lot of other people donated money," said Girl Scout Gracie Fullerton.

When word spread inside the Escondido Albertsons about what happened, more people started buying cookies and making donations to Operation Thin Mint.

"The employees took up a collection and other people started donating and we got more than $300," said Fullerton. "So the good guys will win but we still want to catch the guy."

Parents say the thief, described as a Hispanic man, was driving a black Acura with the plate number #6KBC407.

Escondido police are investigating the incident.

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