Team 10 examines number of criminals monitored by GPS

SAN DIEGO - With Orange County detectives looking at two sex offenders in connection with four murders, Team 10 looked into the number of criminals in San Diego County currently monitored by GPS tracking devices.

There are currently several men listed on the California Department of Corrections website that have failed to register with the GPS monitoring program. Their offenses range from indecent exposure to child molestation.

In Orange County, Franc Cano and Steven Gordon – both transients – are accused of killing four women. Investigators say it happened while they were wearing their GPS devices.

State Sen. Ted Lieu, who represents Torrance, sat down with Team 10 last year as he was trying to pass SB-57, which would hand down tougher penalties for those who cut off their devices. That bill became law in January.

He admits the GPS system is not perfect, but says it is our best shot right now.

"Law enforcement can't be everywhere," Lieu said.

In San Diego County, Team 10 found there are more than 4,500 registered sex offenders. Recent numbers from October 2013 show 490 parolees are currently monitored with GPS.  

In the gruesome Orange County case, Lieu said GPS could not prevent the murders, but it helped law enforcement track Cano and Gordon down.

"I don't know how law enforcement would have known they were committing a crime at the time," Lieu said. "This case shows that when you're wearing a GPS device it does help law enforcement capture the suspects."

The cost of GPS monitoring is estimated at about $36 per day.

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