Team 10 uncovers reports of peeping Tom at local 24 Hour Fitness gym

Source said man targets women in the morning hours

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police are investigating reports of a peeping Tom targeting a local gym.

A source told Team 10 the unidentified man has struck at least three times, with the incidents all happening within the last couple of weeks at the 24 Hour Fitness in the Imperial Marketplace on Imperial Avenue.

The source said the man would work out and then sneak into the women's locker area to peep into where women take showers.

"It's pretty shocking; I'm surprised," said Cheryl Brierton, who has been a member of the gym for a year and a half.

"There's no door or anything. You can come in either way through the pool or from the gym area," Brierton added, when describing where the bathrooms are in the gym.

The incidents have all reportedly taken place early in the morning. An employee confirmed that a police report has been filed.

Several gym members say there are surveillance cameras inside the gym, but not by the locker room area.

Gym member Marco Garcia believes there should be a closer eye on the one place privacy is expected.

"Have somebody at least kind of watching who goes into the bathrooms because the bathrooms are close together. I could see how somebody can just go in there and peep," Garcia said.

The source said the man is a gym member and is concerned there may be more victims. At this point, there is a vague description of the suspected peeper, but police are working to get more details.

A 24 Hour Fitness statement released to Team 10 said:

"The safety and security of our members are of the utmost importance for 24 Hour Fitness, and we were greatly troubled to learn of alleged incidents that took place in our club. We take reports of inappropriate activity in our clubs very seriously, and we are working with the local police department to support its investigation."
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