Team 10 obtains Mayor Filner's credit card statements; authorities probe his activity at local hotel

SAN DIEGO - As federal, state and local officials investigate Mayor Bob Filner, Team 10 has learned that members of the mayor's security detail have provided information to authorities, regarding the mayor taking different women to a popular downtown San Diego hotel.        

Team 10 has also obtained some of the mayor's credit statements that beg the question, was he wining and dining women on the taxpayer's dime?

Filner faces a slew of calls for him to step down.

"The mayor needs to resign and once he does we'll be able to get back to the people's business," San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria told 10News on Sunday.

Sources tell Team 10 the information given to authorities reference Filner frequenting the Westgate Plaza Hotel downtown San Diego with different women.

After some digging, Team 10 obtained some of the mayor's corporate credit card statements from parts of January, February and May of this year, detailing 6 different transactions at the Westgate Plaza Hotel between January 21 and February 7, then two more on May 10 and May 12 for a grand total of $511.06.

Still unclear: what was purchased or who it was purchased for.

"We want him gone. We don't care if he resigns or if he's taken out by the grand jury or if it’s a recall. Whatever it takes to get rid of him we support," said San Diego small business owner, Benjamin Katz, who is organizing what's being billed as the "Bob Filner Not Welcome Back Rally” for Monday at noon.      

 "This is our city and we don't want you as mayor anymore. I don't know what he was thinking that we were gonna welcome him with open arms when he got back but there's a group of concerned citizens who want to clearly say you're not welcome back," said Katz.

That group of concerned citizens is growing by the hour.

San Diego City Councilmember Marti Emerald told 10News she doesn't know how the mayor can carry on now, even if he wants to.

"The Mayor’s Office is locked to him now and I don't know how he can function if he can't enter his offices," said Emerald.

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