Team 10 investigation leads to new fire hydrants for Harmony Grove area

SAN DIEGO - Crews have started the process to install new fire hydrants after a Team 10 investigation.

Workers from the Valecitos Water District began work on underground lines at a hydrant in Harmony Grove. The crew members are replacing the valves and pipes that run underneath the hydrant.

The work comes after a Team 10 Troubleshooter investigation in July where the Harmony Grove/Elfin Forrest fire chief admitted to knowing his firefighters could not access the hydrant during the May wildfires.

Harmony Grove resident Dave Roberts lost his home in the fires. During the fires, he allowed firefighters to fill up their trucks using water from his pool.

He said firefighters could not access the high-pressure hydrant.

"I mean, how can there be any justification to that, when he knew it and didn't do anything about it? And he's in the fire industry," said Roberts.

Vallecitos Water District General Manager Dennis Lamb said the water district was responsible for maintaining the pipes underneath the hydrant. He blamed the issue on a gap in the service area.

Team 10 brought this information to County Supervisor Bill Horn, and the county agreed to split the cost to replace the hydrants with the Vallecitos Water District.

Vallecitos is doing the work underground, while the actual hydrants will be replaced after that.

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