Team 10 examines safety at Montgomery Field following deadly plane crash

Airport sits in middle of urban area

SAN DIEGO - In light of Wednesday's deadly plane crash in Kearny Mesa, Team 10 looked into safety at Montgomery Field.

A city of San Diego spokesman said the crash was tragic, but did not have anything to do with airport safety.

"It's inspected regularly, monitored regularly by the Federal Aviation Administration, as is all our airports," said Bill Harris, a public information officer for the city.

The airport sits right next to state Route 163 and near homes and commercial buildings.

"We have height limits surrounding … Lindbergh Field, Montgomery Field, Brown Field," Harris said. "All of these things are there to protect the community and to protect the pilots and their passengers."

Harris said despite being in the middle of an urban area, residents should not worry.

"It really is very safe, as a matter of fact. Yesterday's unfortunate incident is just that. It is an incident, a single incident," Harris said.

The FAA said the pilot in the deadly crash, identified as Devon Logan, had a clean record with no prior accidents.

Aviation expert Glen Winn told Team 10 that even with Wednesday's crash Montgomery Field gets a good grade.

"From research that I've done, there's only been five accidents at that airport since 1940 … Overall, the airport has a reputation that is excellent," Winn said.

An airport official said there are several surveillance cameras at Montgomery Field, but none captured Wednesday's incident.

Harris said they are working with the FAA in the aftermath of this crash to determine if any procedures need to be changed.

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