State of City Hall amid sexual harassment accusations against Mayor Bob Filner

Councilmembers again ask Filner to resign

SAN DIEGO - San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria and Councilman Kevin Faulconer Monday said city business is going on despite the national attention over sexual harassment allegations against Mayor Bob Filner.

"[The] City Council has not, and we will not, lose focus on City Hall," said Gloria.

Both Gloria and Faulconer again asked Filner to step down as mayor. They spoke at a news conference just ahead of another news conference scheduled by attorney Gloria Allred on sexual harassment allegations against the mayor.

"The mayor has lost credibility not only here in the city of San Diego, but unfortunately, nationwide," Faulconer said.

Despite the negative attention, both men said 911 calls will still get serviced, trash will be picked up, fire season plans will be made and potholes filled.

In asking the mayor to again resign, Faulconer said, "We need a mayor that can convince companies ... that San Diego is a place to do business," and a place to bring jobs.

Gloria urged Filner to "end this civic nightmare by resigning" and seek the help.

Gloria said if the mayor steps down, the city will limit its liability to potential sexual harassment lawsuits.

There are other scandals that have grabbed media attention, including the mayor's overseas trip with his ex-fiancee last month.

Faulconer said he has demanded specific answers on how Filner's trip to Paris was funded.

"I'm very concerned about that ... these are taxpayers' dollars," Faulconer said. "I've asked that information be delivered to me, by the end of this week."

Filner initially refused to answer Team 10 questions about his Paris trip at the first news conference he held after his return on June 27. That news conference was set up for an announcement about tan annual event and Filner said he would only answer questions about the event. Team 10 asked other questions anyway about Paris and a developer's donation anyway.

Filner left that news conference with Team 10 questions about the trip largely unanswered, including the name of the group that paid his way.

The next day, on June 28, Filner did answer some, but not all, Team 10 questions. It still is not known which group paid for Filner to go to Paris.

Inside sources told Team 10 the mayor's security detail cost taxpayers $22,000. Some of that money was wasted -- as the officers missed their flight to Paris and caught up with the mayor overseas the next day.

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