Source: Mayor Bob Filner signed resignation letter to ensure no backing out

Letter is with the former judge who mediated case

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Bob Filner signed a resignation letter to ensure he would not back out of the deal city council will vote on Friday afternoon, a source told Team 10.

A second source confirmed the letter is not dated.

The letter is with J. Lawrence Irving - a retired federal judge who presided over the mediation. Irving is well-respected. and has negotiated deals worth billions of dollars, including the Enron deal.

Irving's latest mediation resulted in a deal that is expected to end with Filner's resignation, sources said, which would become effective at some point after the council approves the deal.

The vote was set for a closed session meeting following public comment at 1 p.m.

Filner was spotted outside city hall Wednesday night loading boxes into his car, just a short time after the third day of mediation ended.

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