Source: Federal probe launched into San Ysidro document preparer Gary Bishop

SAN YSIDRO, Calif. - Sources confirm to 10News a federal probe has been launched after a Team 10 investigation detailing one woman's attempt to turn the tables on her boss.

10News has obtained an audio recording secretly made by Brenda Covarrubias, and in it, she is heard talking to her then-boss, Gary Bishop.

In the recording, a woman believed to be Covarrubias is heard saying, "I don't want you touching me or telling me to live with you."

"I was trying to give you guys a place to stay," a man -- believed to be Bishop -- responds.

Bishop, who runs A B Legal Document Service in San Ysidro, hired Covarrubias as a secretary in November. She claims he approached her in a file room a few weeks later.

"He approached me with his body and pushed me, then grabbed my breasts," Covarrubias told 10News in an interview in January.

She said she pushed him away, but in the next eight days, she said Bishop groped her two more times.

Covarrubias is undocumented, and she said Bishop was counting on the fact she wouldn't speak up.

Thinking nobody would believe her, she secretly recorded a conversation with him.

"You touched me inappropriately and that's just not right," a female voice says in the recording.  

"OK. Then, then, I mean ... I ... I don't know what to say," the male voice responds.

Covarrubias eventually quit, filed a police report and filed a lawsuit.

10News has learned that after the story aired in January, the Department of Homeland Security launched a probe. 10News learned DHS officials are zeroing in on Covarrubias's claims Bishop represented himself as an attorney to her and other undocumented women.

After 10News reported on Covarrubias' lawsuit, a curious thing happened to Bishop's storefront. The sign touting all of his various services has been painted over, from immigration citizenship to divorce to bankruptcy.

A 10News crew was there for several hours, and a sign read "closed," but neighbors told 10News Bishop is still running the business.

Sources told 10News that two more women have come forward with similar stories -- potential witnesses in the suit and a federal investigation.

When Team 10 called Bishop's business phone, a man answered and said Bishop would not be commenting.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson declined to confirm or deny that a probe had been launched.

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