Source: False alarms an issue at Lincoln High School

School not evacuated after fire in bathroom

SAN DIEGO - A source told Team 10 that a local school was not evacuated after a fire in the boy's bathroom.

The source told Team 10 false alarms happen so often at Lincoln High School that people stopped paying attention to them during a real emergency.

"Our children's safety is involved here and we trust that our schools would take care of them when they are away from home," said a father, who just enrolled his daughter at Lincoln High School.

Team 10 was sent a photo of what the boy's bathroom looked like after the fire. Team 10 was also given two emails that were sent to parents and the staff about the incident.

The email to parents stated:

"Dear LHS families,

Please be advised: The boys bathroom in the 400 building was vandalized at approximately 2:15pm yesterday. As a result, that bathroom will be locked indefinitely pending repairs."

The source pointed out there is nothing in the email about the fire, who put it out or if there was an evacuation.

"I think they have a right to know what their child could have been exposed to," said the father.

The email to staff read, in part:

"As you all know, Tuesday we had our 400 boy's restroom vandalized. We would like to acknowledge our teachers for following the evacuation procedures, namely, Mr. Brugman for his efficiency and effectiveness in containing the fire."

Team 10 was told that five out of 21 classrooms were evacuated after the fire.

Records show the fire department responded to false alarm calls three times this school year. They also responded to the fire March 4.

The source Told team 10 there are more false alarms that don't get reported to the fire department.

A San Diego Unified School District spokeswoman told Team 10:

"I talked with our School Police. They confirmed there was a fire in a boys bathroom at Lincoln High School on March 4. It was a dispenser that a teacher extinguished with a fire extinguisher within a minute. SDFD and MAST responded to the high school and are conducting an investigation. The School Police Officer was on campus at the time to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. No one was hurt."

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