Seventh woman accuses Officer Chris Hays of inappropriate conduct

Team 10 finds out woman is medical professional

SAN DIEGO - Another woman came forward alleging San Diego police Officer Chris Hays abused his badge Tuesday.

She said she was pulled over and had a frightening encounter with the officer, who is now on leave.

She is the seventh woman to come forward since Team 10 broke this story last week.

The first six women claimed sexual assault or battery. This new woman's story is a little bit different.

Team 10 sources said the woman claims Hays pulled her over in the summer of 2012 for a broken brake light.  

She claims he kept her on the side of the road for more than a half hour and came on to her, asking if she was married and saying that he was recently divorced.

The woman claims Hays told her to step out of the car because she had a warrant out for her arrest.

When she did leave her car, she says he told her he was kidding.

She claims Hays asked if he could follow her home and fix her tail light.  

She says when she was finally allowed to leave, Hays followed her for about a mile and then drove off into the night.

The latest accuser is married, a mother and a medical professional.

Hays was arrested, but the District Attorney's Office has not filed charges.

He has not made any public statements. However, his lawyer issued a statement that said the accusations are false.

"He is a decorated officer, having demonstrated selfless courage by entering a burning house and rescuing people from inside. The character traits for that level of valor are wholly inconsistent with the nature of these allegations," wrote Hays' attorney, Richard L. Pinckard, in a statement released Monday.

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