Settlement announced in Jane Doe case against San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 confirmed the city has reached a tentative settlement with Jane Doe, the last woman who sued San Diego over convicted former officer Anthony Arevalos.

Doe's attorney said, "The parties have tentatively reached a settlement, and there are some things to be finalized.  We will be jointly making a statement later.”

Doe, a victim of Arevalos,had been suing and also asking for an independent monitor of the San Diego Police Department. It was not immediately clear where that demand for an independent monitor stood.

Team 10 was the first to talk to Doe, who said she wanted to prevent any other women from being victimized by a department she said had a culture of corruption.

Doe helped investigators get a conviction on Arevalos, who is serving a prison sentence for sexual battery against women while on duty. Twelve other women sued and settled already.

After Doe sued, the city put her under surveillance, and she said she felt victimized a second time.

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