SDPD recruits, officers leave for higher pay

Council considers raises, claims public safety

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Police Department spends millions of dollars training officers who never work for the department, according to SDPD documentation obtained by Team 10.
San Diego police claim they spend $191,000 recruiting and training a single officer. The money pays for the trainees' salary, benefits, equipment and instruction.

The department claims it loses eight to 12 potential or active officers each month.

The department's own data shows recruits and active officers leave primarily for other law enforcement jobs offering better pay and benefits.

"We're already so understaffed with our police department that we run into some real safety issues," said San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald.

Emerald, who chairs the city safety committee, was referencing slow response times.

Her city safety committee will consider raises for city police on Wednesday.

"I know it's a more complicated an issue than how much money do you bring home in a paycheck, but that is a big issue here," Emerald said.

An independent study of the top 75 police agencies in California shows the San Diego Police Department in 68th place in terms of overall pay.

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