San Diego Opera contract review: No incentive to close

With money troubles plaguing the San Diego Opera, one big question has been how those heading up the organization would make out once it was shut down for good.

An outside expert reviewed the contracts of Ian Campbell and his ex-wife, Ann Spira Campbell, and determined the two would be much better off if the opera remained in operation.

"Based upon the foregoing, it is my professional opinion that both Campbell and Spira
Campbell would receive significantly greater benefits if the SDOA were to continue in operation and will receive significantly less if the organization closes it's operations on May 1, 2014."

"Compared to how Campbell and Spira Campbell are likely to fare in dissolution proceedings if the Opera closes, they both would receive far greater compensation and other employee benefits if the Opera remained in operation and they continued to serve under the existing terms of their employment agreements."

- Michael J. Weaver, Retired Senior Partner for Latham & Watkins LLP

That contradicts a constant rumor that the motivation for the closing of the San Diego Opera was to guarantee the two of them a bigger exit package.

The San Diego Opera performed its last scheduled show over the weekend and is planning to shut down on April 29, unless it can raise $10 million to stay in operation.

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