San Diego mayoral candidates pull double duty with work, campaigns

Calendars, public records reveal activities

SAN DIEGO - Calendars provided by two of the three front-running candidates for mayor and video of public meetings show they have not missed work as they run for the city's highest office.

Team 10 obtained calendars between January and October from City Councilmen Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez.

"Since I've been running for mayor, I have not missed a council meeting," Faulconer said. "I have not missed a committee meeting, nor will I."

Both Alvarez's and Faulconer's calendars show increased campaign activity in the evenings, weekends and lunch hour.

Faulconer's calendar includes three days of mediations in August to negotiate Bob Filner's mayoral exit.

"I'm working all the time and you have to campaign as well," Faulconer said.

Team 10 has had the calendars for two weeks, but waited for the Nathan Fletcher campaign to release his campaign calendar before publishing this story.

Fletcher's campaign floated the idea of checking if his political rivals were maintaining their duties on the City Council as they ran for mayor October 8. The suggestion came amid Team 10 questions about Fletcher's work for Qualcomm.

Fletcher's campaign said it could not release his political calendar because it is merged with his Qualcomm calendar.

"Nathan's calendar includes commitments and obligations to Qualcomm, which are considered confidential and cannot be released," Fletcher campaign spokeswoman Janine Pairis said in a written statement to Team 10.

Pairis said Fletcher did not have time to provide excerpts from his calendar to show campaign activities before and after he declared his bid for mayor.

However, public records provided some information about Fletcher's campaign activities.

Filner's calendar showed Fletcher and Filner scheduled to dine at the Indigo Cafe on Friday, July 12.

Fletcher's campaign said the dinner did not take place because of controversies involving sexual harassment and abuse of power by Filner. The campaign also said Fletcher and Filner would often have casual meetings so Filner could solicit Fletcher's advice.

Campaign disclosures show the Fletcher campaign paid for a political focus group in August, including a room at the Westgate Hotel.

Fletcher claims he is earning less money at Qualcomm as he takes time off to run for mayor. His campaign released a blurry picture of his pay stubs, claiming it shows his pay dropping from $220,000 to $55,000.

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