San Diego Mayor Bob Filner prepared to resign from office, sources tell Team 10

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 has confirmed Mayor Bob Filner is prepared to resign Friday, if the San Diego City Council accepts the proposed deal that came out of this week's mediation.

It is expected Filner will make the announcement immediately after the council votes in a closed session at 1 p.m. Friday. In the session, members of the panel will consider a proposed settlement of a lawsuit filed by Filner's former communications aide, Irene McCormack Jackson.

Filner's Irvine-based lawyer said Thursday that an announcement would be made following the session.

The statement from attorney James Payne read:

"Mayor Filner returned to work in his office at City Hall on (Wednesday).

At the conclusion of three days of mediation before (Judge) Lawrence Irving, Mayor Filner and representatives of the city of San Diego reached a tentative agreement.

Due to the confidential nature of mediation and settlement discussions, we are unable to comment or make statements about any of the terms.

A meeting of the City Council is scheduled for (1 p.m. Friday), at which time it is expected that the City Council will vote on the tentative agreement. A public announcement will be made following the vote."

There is no word on what form Filner's statement would be, whether it be in person, written in a news release or a DVD -- all methods Filner has used since sexual harassment allegations rocked the city.

The City Council is obligated to publicly disclose any decisions made in closed session.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, City Councilman Kevin Faulconer explained his role in the mediation:

"Protecting taxpayers has always been my top priority. This case is no different. I joined these mediation discussions to ensure the City gets the best deal possible for taxpayers. We must put this civic dysfunction behind us and return to providing City services to San Diegans."

City Councilman Scott Sherman told 10News he's ready to review the settlement.

"It's going to be one of those tough, gut-check decisions and I'm looking forward to seeing what' in the agreement," Sherman said.

Sherman added that the devil is in the details, and part of that could be whether the city would be liable for any of Filner's legal bills. 

"This is a legal settlement we're considering and we'll deal with it," said City Council President Todd Gloria.

"We do need someone to be the leader of the ship. We need a mayor and we need to have one soon," said Councilman David Alvarez.

Stay with Team 10 and 10News for more developments as they come in.

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