San Diego County food trucks now required to post inspection letter grades

Consumers will have access to inspection info

SAN DIEGO - All food trucks across San Diego County will now have letter grades posted, thanks to a county ordinance.

The grades are already standard in local restaurants, but now any truck that prepares or stores food will have to post grades as well.

The grades posted reflect health inspections and will allow consumers to decide whether to grant their business.

In 2012, a Team 10 investigation revealed hundreds of mobile vendors had health violations. It also found it was difficult for a customer to find about those violations.

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts took note of the reporting and announced action Tuesday.

"We want consumers to know and have some kind of benchmark so when they're making choices on where they're going to buy prepared foods from, they're going to make sure they have a good track record with regard to health issues," Roberts said.

Food truck customers will be able to scan a barcode on the heath inspection card with their smartphone to pull up a truck's health inspection history.

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