Race for San Diego's next mayor in full swing with new Republican polling

Team 10 obtains DeMaio's internal polling results

SAN DIEGO - San Diego County’s Republican party leader Tony Krvaric confirmed some of the details of a poll done by Competitive Edge Research for the Republican Party, as Team 10 obtained internal polling done by Carl DeMaio's camp.

"We have found the chinks in Nathan Fletcher's pretty armor," Krvaric said of the Competitive Edge Research poll. "He is a paper tiger." 

John Nienstadt of Competitive Edge Research Co conducted a poll for San Diego Republican Party.  The poll is a sample of 900 San Diegans, margin of error 3.3 percent conducted August 25-28, 2013.  The poll provides a “first ballot” then educates voters on arguments for and against each candidate and then tests a “second ballot.”

First Ballot for Mayor (DeMaio vs. Fletcher)

Carl DeMaio                      39.1%

Nathan Fletcher                39.4%

Other                                 4.6%

Unsure                              17.6%


Second Ballot for Mayor  (DeMaio vs. Fletcher)

Carl DeMaio                      43.5%

Nathan Fletcher                31.4%

Other                                9.8%

Unsure                             15.1%


First Ballot for Mayor (Faulconer vs. Fletcher)

Nathan Fletcher                   38.7%

Kevin Faulconer                  27.2%

Other                                   2.8%

Unsure                                33.5%


Second Ballot for Mayor (Faulconer vs. Fletcher)

Nathan Fletcher                    29.9%

Kevin Faulconer                   27.4%

Other                                   10.4%

Unsure                                 26.7%


Krvaric said the Republican's poll results clearly show that Fletcher is vulnerable.

He added the poll was commissioned “with no agenda.” Krvaric said it was done in order to get a good reading on the public’s sentiment for mayor at this time.

He wouldn’t reveal if further polling was done, only that he plans to talk to other party members to discuss the results.

Team 10 got the poll early Friday morning, which was done Sunday through Wednesday of this week.

Team 10 also obtained the internal polling done by the DeMaio campaign, which shows the uncommitted candidate fairs well against Democrats and Republican contenders.

The DeMaio's internal polling results are:

Demaio: 30%

Fletcher: 21%

Gloria: 18%

Roberts: 7%

Faulconer: 6%

Rest: Undecided

Here are the results from the latest 10News/Union Tribune Survey USA poll, which was released Monday.

DeMaio has set a news conference to Tuesday to announce his decision on whether or not to run.

On Thursday, Team 10 reported his close supporters said DeMaio was leaning towards a run as long as three weeks ago.

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