Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs demands apology for ad about Nathan Fletcher

Nathan Fletcher's campaign: His salary is $220,000

SAN DIEGO - San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher and his employer, Qualcomm, are disputing a political ad by the conservative leaning Lincoln Club of San Diego County. The mailer alleges Fletcher was paid $400,000 for a "no-show job."

Qualcomm chairman and CEO Paul Jacobs sent a letter to the Lincoln Club Tuesday.

(Read the letter HERE. Mobile users: http://bit.ly/1amWAe3)

"I demand a full apology and a retraction of this slanderous attack on our company and its more than 13,000 local employees," the letter states. The mailer is shown below:

T.J. Zane, the president and CEO of the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, issued a response to Jacobs.

(Read the response HERE. Mobile users: http://bit.ly/GHgA27)

"The focus from our point of view always was and will remain on Nathan Fletcher," Zane said. "We're not focusing on Qualcomm."

The Fletcher campaign claims the candidate and former assemblyman earned $220,000 annually in his role as Qualcomm's senior director of corporate development. 

Campaign spokeswoman Rachel Laing said Fletcher also received a $13,000 performance bonus and health benefits. 

Neither Fletcher nor his campaign would provide documentation to Team 10 confirming his salary or overall compensation. 

Team 10 requested to see Fletcher's pay stubs, employment contract, offer letter or stock holdings to confirm his total compensation. Laing said she used Fletcher's pay stubs to confirm his $220,000 salary.

"It's up to you if you want to take Nathan's word on his salary or not," Laing wrote in an email to Team 10.

Team 10 initially asked about Fletcher's Qualcomm salary in September, as sources inside the company came forward to question the candidate's duties with the telecommunications company.  

"I'm not confirming that dollar amount," Fletcher said when asked about claims he was earning $400,000 in total compensation.

Laing said in an email, "He didn't tell you initially because in the private sector (as you probably know), it's frowned upon to discuss your salary. It's also against Qualcomm corporate policy."

When asked Tuesday about the Lincoln Club ad claim of a $400,000 salary, the Fletcher campaign deferred to Qualcomm.

Qualcomm spokeswoman Christine Trimble said it is against corporate policy to disclose compensation information.

"Please note that we do not disclose salary information as a matter of policy, but have indicated that the reported salary is grossly exaggerated and that Nathan's salary is commensurate with other employees at his level," she wrote in an email to Team 10.

Laing said Fletcher is now working part time at Qualcomm to accommodate his campaign schedule.  She said Fletcher's salary has been cut 75 percent to $55,000.

(*Editor's note: To clarify the initial report, a Qualcomm representative said the Fletcher campaign did authorize the company to release compensation information, but Qualcomm would not disclose that information because of company policy.)

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