Public pensions for Mayor Bob Filner total at least $82K

Estimate does not include time as mayor

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will receive at least an estimated $82,000 a year in retirement for his public service, not including his time as mayor, 10News learned.

The figure is estimated because public agencies would not release exact details.

For example, the Office of Personnel Management administers federal retirement benefits, which Filner will get for his time as a congressman. A spokesperson would only say the "Privacy Act" restricts releasing details without a signed waiver.

However, using the congressional benefit formula, which calculates federal pensions, Filner would receive $59,160 a year.

Next, an estimated $14,183.28 from the state for his time as a professor at San Diego State University is factored in.

Filner also would receive an estimated $8,695.05 each year from the city of San Diego. This estimate could be higher because Filner never reportedly retired from the city after serving five years as a city councilman.

Filner earns just over $94,000 as mayor, but the retirement benefit from this position cannot be easily obtained.

In an email, a spokesperson for San Diego City Employees' Retirement System said the group would not speculate on possible retirement benefits.

"Retirement benefits depend not only years of service and salary, but also on the benefit option the employee selects," the spokesperson wrote. "Until an employee makes a selection, we don't have the facts necessary to calculate the benefit."

The details of the city's obligation to Filner's retirement were expected to become clear if the mayor resigns on Friday.

According to his congressional disclosures, Filner has a total net worth of about $1 million. That sounds like a lot, but he was routinely listed as one of the poorest members of Congress.

10News reporter Allison Ash contributed to this report.

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