Private investigator tells Team 10 Republicans watching Filner for years

Undercover pictures, video show Filner with women

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Republicans have been trying to capture Bob Filner in compromising positions with women for years, according to a Republican and licensed private investigator.

Derrick Roach, secretary of the San Diego County Republican Party, said he has run surveillance on Filner during election cycles.

"I think some people turned a blind eye thinking this was just a partisan political attack," Roach said. "They thought it was a witch hunt and it's not."

Roach said he's spent years behind the camera watching Republicans and Democrats. He told Team 10 he wanted voters to know who they were electing.

He said Filner is the only politician he's watched for sexual encounters.

"Bob Filner is the only one; he's the only one that comes to mind," Roach said.

He described a video he captured in 2010, as Filner ran for re-election to Congress.

"It turned out it was Congressman Filner; he was serving in Congress at the time and it turned out he was with a woman who turned out to be a lobbyist for an airline," Roach said.

Roach said he's been tipped off to Filner's relationships, including his most recent relationships as mayor.

"My sources have told me you can't be the mayor of San Diego and walk around City Hall slapping woman on the butt calling them sweetie saying 'get me some coffee' and that's not a hypothetical situation I just pulled out, that's an actual real event that I've been told about," Roach said.

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