Petition claims San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station overworked generator

Former city attorney asks public money be returned

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 has uncovered accusations the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station overstressed substandard equipment.

San Diego's former city attorney is asking the California Public Utilities Commission to return ratepayer money. 

In a petition filed Wednesday, Michael Aguirre claims the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station utilized substandard equipment, overused said equipment and charged ratepayers for its use. 

LINK: Read "Motion for consideration" petition (PDF)

He claims San Onofre misspent public money by buying, installing and overusing the materials.

The crippled San Onofre power plant has not produced a watt of energy since a radiation leak was discovered in early 2012.

"Ratepayers have been charged to pay for these defective machines," Aguirre said.

In 2012, an independent report by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries showed San Onofre's owner, Southern California Edison, installed defective equipment.

Southern California Edison said it has never and would never knowingly install defective equipment.

"What they were doing was extremely risky," Aguirre said. "But they didn't have to worry about it because they could just charge the ratepayers for it."

A spokeswoman for Southern California Edison called Aguirre's claims "absurd."

"We do not make profit on energy generation and would never knowingly install faulty equipment," Southern California Edison spokeswoman Jennifer Manfre said.

Former San Onofre consultant Murray Jennex told Team 10 overworking equipment would be nearly impossible to hide from regulators. He expressed doubts in Aguirre's claims.


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